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Sheena Dignam

Sheena Dignam; a Franco-Irish food and wine lover who is originally from Wicklow but grew up in the Loire valley, where she studied Culinary Arts & Wine.

Having spent over 15 years in the food industry between France & Ireland her passion has led her to launch Award Winning Food Tours on The Emerald Isle.
I have a huge passion for French cuisine, wine and the amazing produce & Terroir we have in the area. I really wanted my guests to discover the real specialities of the Touraine region that I fell in love with all those years ago. For me, what makes Tours so special is the local producers, and the diversity offered from cheese to oysters, regional wine to nougat, air dried meats to award winning breads. It’s such a magical atmosphere discovering the gastronomie of the city through the beautiful medieval streets. On these tours, Sheena & her team share their love for good food as well as insider tips.

A passion for a

French Cook

Wonderful experience!

I've been on many food tours throughout Europe, and this was among the best. Our guide, Sheena, was knowledgeable and engaging. We made numerous stops, sampling a good variety of foods - from savory to sweet, and also including fantastic local wine. There were stops that were long enough for us to sit and visit while enjoying the foods, giving the tour a relaxed vibe. At the conclusion of the tour, Sheena gave us specific recommendations for places to go, based on our interests. We returned to several of our stops throughout the week we were in Tours and were grateful to have discovered them through the tour. Highly recommended.

Pam PJ

Excellent activity to discover the city

Myself, Wife and adult daughter did the food tour and were very pleased we did. Our guide was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. We did the morning half day tour starting in an old bakery. The tour had lots of variety of food and plenty of details about the origins and history of the places we visited. The tour finished with a fine dining restaurant tasting which was superb. Overall we really enjoyed the tour and would highly recommend it. Plenty of food and lots of variety.

Martin C.

Fun, educational and great food/spirits!

We came to Tours from Paris and went on this tour with Orla. This was Amazing!!!! We can’t decide what we liked best; the places, the food or the history. However one thing was for sure- Orla was the BEST guide! I’d do the same tour in a heartbeat.

Christine A

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